Frequently asked questions:

To help you prepare for your visit to Physio Sport & Spine Physical Therapy Clinic we’ve provided some information on our most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s).

How do I schedule my first appointment?

The easiest way to schedule is to call us at 307.222.8993, email us at or visit our contact us page.

What can I expect from my appointment?

Your first appointment will last 60 minutes where we will take a detailed history of your injury/condition including what aggravates your symptoms and what you have found that eases your symptoms, discuss goals of PT and then follow the history by an examination. We will search for the source of your symptoms and the underlying root cause driving your pain pattern. The remaining time is focused on treatment involving manual therapy (Joint mobilization, manipulation, soft tissue mobilization, dry needling), individualized exercise correction, and education on self-management.

Follow up visits are scheduled for 60 minutes and involve a brief reassessment of your progress from the initial visit followed by one-on-one treatment. The majority of your visit will be spent on treatment to facilitate an optimal recovery from your injury. We do not believe in watching you perform exercises you are independent with at home, instead, this treatment time is best spent on interventions necessary to facilitate your recovery goals.

Who is my provider at Physio Sport & Spine?

Currently, we utilize only Doctors of Physical Therapy who are working on fellowship post-graduate training. These degrees represent the highest levels of physical therapy training and has proven to consistently achieve excellent outcomes in a shorter amount of time for our patients. Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy Fellowship training is the highest level of postgraduate training. This is a 3-year program focused on evidence-based practice, clinical mentoring with experts in the field, and hands-on delivery of orthopedic care. A study performed by Rodeghero et al 2015 showed that physical therapists with fellowship training demonstrated a higher functional change in fewer patient visits when compared to Residency trained Physical Therapists and Physical Therapists without specific post-graduate level training.

What Insurances do you take?

We are primarily a cash-based clinic, which is why we can offer premium care at an affordable price. We have made the decision to stay primarily out of network for most insurances (we are only in a network at this time with Blue Cross Blue Shield.).

By making this decision we are able to provide one-on-one care to every patient for 60 minutes, not what is dictated by insurance plans. This choice allows us to practice consistent with the current medical literature and keep true to our fundamental principles. This way we can keep costs low by not employing billing staff members to handle the rigor of insurance processing.

Your insurance may cover out of network costs, in which Physio Sport & Spine will provide a superbill to the patient after payment made at the time of service. This superbill can be submitted to your insurance for reimbursement and the insurance company will reimburse the patient for PT services.