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We are a PHYSICAL THERAPY clinic that operates on 3 fundamental principles.


Physical Therapy visits initially are one hour and are continued with the same physical therapist each time. Each visit we spend the necessary time with you to let you tell your story. This gives the clinician the opportunity to fully understand you and to develop a comprehensive treatment each session with the specific factors and goals that matter to you. We are invested in you and getting you back to living your active life. That way you don't feel like "just another..."


The Doctors of Physical Therapy here constantly update their knowledge to provide the most current treatment for musculoskeletal conditions based on medical literature. Our therapists have extended their education beyond the typical physical therapy model. They have pursued orthopedic specialties, certified strengthening certificates and fellowship training in orthopedic and manual physical therapy This places them amongst the top 2% physical therapists nationwide to meet this distinction.


We don't waste your time with appointments you don't need. We can minimize the amount of time and money spent in the clinic by seeing you as you need to be seen because we care about you and your time. Follow-ups can also be provided for accountability using online telecommunication towards keeping the goals established by the patient. Have you ever wanted to have a healthcare provider who is accessible when you need them, like a "PT in your pocket"?

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Learn what Physical Therapy can do for you and some other random thoughts from a Physical Therapist.

But do you Deadlift? How Physical Therapy Can Help.

Deadlifting is a great exercise and surprisingly enough to many we really do perform this motion in our everyday lives. But should you deadlift if you have back pain? The short answer is yes, and is the reason why you should see a physio at Physio Sport & Spine for assessment of strength and technique to minimize pain and get stronger.

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